Cotton, Coffee and Other Curiosities


Addistopia x Haizo Goods

Preserving Ethiopian Indigenous Cultures and Traditions

Six years ago, our vision and dream to preserve and highlight the resilient tradition of Ethiopian artistry and craftsmanship gave birth to Haizo - a curated portfolio of textile, apparel and art celebrating Ethiopian traditions. We merged our recent initiative, Addistopia with Haizo in celebration of indigenous Ethiopian cultures and the African diaspora at large.

We are happy to present to you a collection that includes textiles, soft furnishings, and coffee ritual necessities, sourced from the usual haunts, street markets, and the studios of designers and craft boutiques in Addis Ababa. We are proud to collaborate with women artisans and collectives dedicated to fair and equitable employment. We invite you to join us on our journey. Welcome to our world!

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 Our collection is also availabe at The Black Home, 7 William Street, Newark, NJ 07102